Arts Management – linking the arts and business


Branding is an integral tool in order to make fundraising successful. The brand-building process can be applied to companies, foundations and networks. With the help of key management tools, Arts Management can – in dialogue with you – highlight the purpose and values of your organisation – a fundamental aspect of all organisations. A base for your decision-making and plans, it is a “living process.” Regardless of where you are in the building up, evaluating or renewing your organisation, branding forms the “backbone” of any business. Hence it is important in the strategic chain.

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Creating money requires hard work. Your role models have not risen to the top merely by accident. Arts Management boosts expertise in business relations, an element essential to fundraising, sponsorship and philanthropy. However, all methods are not one size-fits all. Therefore, allow us at Arts Management to help you develop your presentations so that you can find the best partners for your brand and business. Let us map out a strategy for your business relations, drawing up policies and evaluating your activities and products. The end result will help you be more strategic, sustainable and more successful.


In order to develop the business, ask yourself two key questions: what are the opportunities and what are the threats? Can we learn to better understand and communicate with our environment, markets and audiences? This is where Arts Management comes in. We can help structure these challenges and help you produce new products, activities and channels that will promote your brand, organisation and ultimately to improve your finances.


Targeted communication is of increasingly importance today and tomorrow. More market competition requires more creativity from you. Communication strategy with media requires planning and action. Arts Management will help you to create and strategically run campaigns in consultation with you and your organisation.


Representational venues for new and existing customers are an important part to maintain successful communication and to build business networks. Arts Management has experience to organise everything from small to large events, awards, competitions and fairs and can help you to manage them from start to finish.


Curating includes more than just art exhibitions. Curatorship is a tool that can help display and revitalise your products to new audiences with the use of visual storytelling. Contact Arts Management to plan your next project.